Thank you for joining me on this brand new journey! I would like to take a little bit of time here to introduce myself and give you some particulars about what this blog will provide. My name is Nastassia Foose and I am currently a graduate student. I would like to obtain a PhD in medical history in the future and continue to share the intriguing information that I come across in my studies. As a historian, I like to think of myself as a factual storyteller. Our past is overflowing with terrific (and horrifying) accounts that can drastically alter how we perceive events and upcoming innovations occurring in the twenty-first century.


I plan to use this platform for a series of things-

  1. To tell non-fictional stories related to medicine and the masterminds behind its progression forward.
  2. As a means of reviewing various health-related museums or books on the subject.
  3. Possibly as a place to share information about being a student in the field.

This may not be a site for the fainthearted, but I sincerely hope that it is for you. Without further ado, lets slice right into it!

“This world is no place of rest…Our work should never be done, and it is the daydream of ignorance to look forward to that as a happy time, when we shall wish for nothing more, and have nothing more to accomplish.”-Thomas Dent Mutter


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