Laser Vision Correction & Why I Study Medical History

“So, medical history huh? What made you decide to focus on that?” This is a question that seems to come up whenever I meet somebody new. If I’m honest, I typically don’t have a great answer at ready. I end up stumbling around; trying to muster up a super compelling reason behind my life choices. Although I really wasn’t expecting it, my experience yesterday at the laser surgeon’s office provided me with a way to share why I am fascinated with medicine’s past.

My fiance has wanted laser correction for years now because he has depended on contacts and/or glasses for most of his life. With a lot of research and saving, we were able to make his dream a reality and move forward with the plan. We found a surgeon has well over 100,000 procedures under his belt and he helped guide us through everything that would be involved. On the day of, once the numbing drops were in, his surgery, on both eyes, was over in a jiffy. Years of terrible eye-sight was fixed in under 10 minutes! Today, at his checkup, they declared that he now has 20/20 vision. This procedure was a culmination of years of technological advancement, discovery, and skill. I look at something like this, medical science, that seems like magic, and I’m awestruck. That right there is my answer to the hard question. I love studying medical history because I am absolutely astonished at what has been accomplished, and excited for what will be possible in years to come.


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