Some people believe that the dolphin has a special ability to increase the intellectual capabilities of babies with their high-pitched ocean songs. Some aquariums in Peru specifically sell this service to expectant mothers who just want the best for their little ones. The sonar of the dolphin is thought to reach the baby in utero and stimulates enhanced brain activity by turning on the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is thought to result in a calmer, more creative and intellectual child. Mothers who have undergone this therapy have reported the baby becoming more active in the womb during and after the encounter.

I have heard it said before that dolphin noises are relaxing; some people even put on their songs to lull themselves to sleep at night. Furthermore, dolphins are used therapeutically for people with mental disorders. Although this is popular, it is important to note that the results of the activity are debated and it is not believed to have curative effects, only therapeutic ones. Multiple studies have revealed that babies do respond in utero to music and voices, so why not to dolphin sounds? Although it is unlikely that dolphins will turn a child into a genius, maybe they enjoy their songs. If a pregnant woman wants to turn up the volume and listen to dolphin sounds, I don’t see the harm. Maybe just don’t pay hundreds of dollars to go to “dolphin therapy for pregnant people” in the hopes of advancing the baby’s brain. 

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