Doctor Got Your Tongue?: Quack Stutter Cure

You may be surprised to discover that the 18th and 19th centuries had a rather barbaric approach to treating a stutter.

Balanced Healing: Native American Medicine

Native American medicine represents a harmonious mixture of physical remedies and spirituality which, when used in conjunction, were thought to develop a well-balanced method of healing. Although customs varied across nations, Native American medicine took much of it’s influence from the natural world and has had a lasting impact on the field of modern medicine.

Toothy Tumors: What are Teratomas?

Did you ever think that a tumor could contain hair, bone, and teeth? Well, a special kind of tumor known as teratoma can, and their appearance can be nightmare-inducing. “Teratos” is the Greek word for “monster,” so teratomas are essentially monster tumors (McRae). Despite the name, teratomas are usually benign and easy to treat once…Read more »