Joseph Merrick: “The Elephant Man”

In this post we will talk about what elephantiasis is and how it is treated today. We will also look at the life of Joseph Merrick, one of the most famous individuals who struggled with the disease in the 19th century.

You Swallowed What?!

We all remember the temptation we felt as young children to put foreign objects in our mouths. Babies explore their surroundings with their mouths and this behavior can lead to some awful moments of panic. Dr. Chevalier Jackson (1865-1958) became one of the world’s leading experts on extracting foreign objects from the airways of children…Read more »

Ambroise Paré: “I Dressed Him, God Cured Him”

(Photo Credit: Medicine: The Definitive Illustrative History) Gunshot wounds are destructive menaces that tear through flesh and splinter bone. Bullets can drag clothing fragments, skin, and shrapnel deep into the injury and the victim can die from sever hemorrhaging, shock, and infection. It was 1537 and the twenty seven year old Frenchman, Ambroise Paré, had been…Read more »